Best Birthday Gifts Under 500

‘which gift I should buy?’ are you thinking about birthday gift. So here we suggest some Best Birthday Gifts Under 500 which are your pocket friendly .  Birthday is always special for us and when some one give us a gift we become more happy. May be the person is you sister, brother, parents, friend or special one. Everybody will happy when you give him a GIFT. 

“My dearest sister, wish you a very warm and happy birthday. You are not only the sweetest sister but also a true friend. I feel blessed to have a sister like you. May you achieve and get all you ever wish for.” –  your sister always expect a gift from you on her birthday . Your lover always want that you will celebrate his/her birthday with a special way and a special gift . so here we discuss about Best Birthday Gifts Under 500 .


Best Birthday Gifts Under 500 (Lists)


1. Printed Personalized  Mug/Cup = Best Birthday Gifts Under 500 ?

Printed Personalized  Mug/Cup

Every day mostly our day start with a cup of tea or coffee .It also good for our health . coffee increase our energy levels and we feel less tired. Coffee improves our productivity and brain function. Tea may boost our immune system , it fight off inflammation.
In a day at least one time we used to drink a cup of tea or coffee in our home. So when you gift a personalised mug/cup a person then he/she always remember you when he/she drink tea or coffee.


2. Watch = Best Birthday Gifts Under 500 ?



When you are looking for a useful gift for someone close, consider giving a watch. It is a daily reminder of the person who gifted it.
Watches can also serve as a fashion statement. Gifting a watch is a way to tell someone that you care about him.

3. side bag = Best Birthday Gifts Under 500 ?

side bag

A side bag is always a helpful gift for some one . side bag is a basic need for a Frequent Traveller comfortably he/she may carry Phone, Tablet, Charger , Water Bottle , Hand Sanitizer, Wallet, Sunglasses etc. If the person travel by a bus, car or bike Side Bag make easy her travelling.

4. Book = Best Birthday Gifts Under 500 ?


If some one is a bookworm (bibiophile) for him book is the best gift. But you have to know which kind of books he/she loves most. Who is his/her favourite author. There are different types of books like- Romance novel, Horror, Thriller, Fantasy, Science fiction, Mystery etc. There are some suggestions of popular books – Rich Dad Poor DadHow to Talk to AnyoneThe 7 Habits of Highly Effective PeopleAttitude Is EverythingThink and Grow Rich,  How to Stop Worrying and Start Living . Some people like to read novel with drink a cup of tea or coffee. so book & personalised mug is best for them.

5. Photo Frame = Best Birthday Gifts Under 500 ?

Photo Frame

Photography is the art of making memories tangible. In a special moment we take picture . We want when we see the picture we remember that special time , may be that time you spend with your friend, your lover or your family person. So when you gift a photo frame (with a special photo) a person then he/she always remember you when he/she see the photo.

6. Head Phone = Best Birthday Gifts Under 500 ?

Head Phone

Think, If you are traveling somewhere or you attend an important lecture or playing video game ? There is no doubt the importance of headphones in our life . Anyone can use it to protect themselves from the noise around them. Even we use it while listening to music and enjoying a movie. So headphone is a very use full gift for every one.

7. Pen = Best Birthday Gifts Under 500 ?

Pens can symbolize a number of big ideas: freedom, intelligence, creativity, professionalism, determination, diligence, etc. Gifting a pen signals empathy and goodwill for a successful future career. If someone has a lot of documents to sign on a daily basis, you could gift a classy sign pen as it would be an apt gift.

8. Plants = Best Birthday Gifts Under 500 ?


Plants as a birthday gift symbolize the sign of telling them they have a healthy long life, respect, trust and nurturing nature. Apart from having some of the health benefits, plants are also used as a beautiful decor item. Very few people will gift a plant as a birthday gift, so it is an out of box idea.

9. Cake = Best Birthday Gifts Under 500 ?

Cakes can be used on multiple occasions like birthdays and anniversaries or Diwali. The first bite of the cake sends everyone into a state of bliss. Therefore, they are the true source of happiness. Try surprising your family or friends with a birthday cake, and get ready to see their faces light up with a big smile. Every year, cake enthusiasts and bakers come up with new flavours of cakes. You can also gift a personalised cake. You can get a picture printed on photo cakes, choose the flavour and a thoughtful yet delish gift is ready.

10. Chocolate Bouquets = Best Birthday Gifts Under 500 ?

Flower bouquets are always a beautiful gift and always a good idea for any occasion and everyone loves to have chocolate. So you can say happy birthday to your loved ones with the special gift of chocolate bouquets. Gifting chocolate bouquets are the most affectionate way of expressing love to the dearest ones.


I hope my suggestions of birthday gifts will help you. Don’t forget to write a letter for him/her. it will be a unique way to tell him/her that you love him/her the most. Thank You for reading my blog.


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